Ludi's Diner in Downtown Seattle may shut down forever

VIDEO: Ludi's Diner in Downtown Seattle may shut down forever

Just steps away from Pike Place Market, Ludi's Diner at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pike Street has been a Downtown Seattle staple for decades.

This is the place where the owner, Gregorio Rosas, started his life in America working as a dishwasher.

“I came in 1978 and I never left, this is my home,” said Rosa.

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A home that Rosas will soon be forced to leave. He posted a letter throughout the restaurant informing his customers that his diner, which he has owned since 2001, will be closing at its current location on Aug. 31. That’s the day his 17-year lease is coming to an end.

“I don’t have any regrets towards my landlord, they gave me a good way of making money and so kind to me over the years,” said Rosas.

Rosas said the building’s owner has new plans for the property and thinks his diner will turn into more parking space to accommodate new developments downtown including the newly renovated State Hotel across the street.

“I think because of the State Hotel, they had built 91 rooms and no underground parking so there’s demand for the parking lot,” said Rosas.

KIRO 7 found some Ludi’s regulars who said they are disappointed to hear their breakfast spot may soon go away forever.

“Definitely sad but we understand the neighborhood is changing,” said Kris Damalas, who comes to Ludi’s almost every Sunday with her sister Kim. “You know some of this is expected but I hope they can find another place in the neighborhood so we can keep coming back.”

Rosas said he’s working with a broker to find a new spot but it will be hard to find rent as low as what he has paid for this prime property for over two decades.

“I told myself there’s always an end, whether it’s good happening or bad happening so it’s just accept reality,” said Rosas.

KIRO 7 reached out to Rosas’ current landlord to find out more about plans for the building, but hasn’t heard back.