• Local tech giants willing to testify in AG's case against Trump's immigration ban


    As the pushback against President Trump's executive order on immigration continues, some local tech giants are willing to participate in the Washington State Attorney General’s lawsuit.

    Thirty-three US senators co-sponsored a bill to remove the order, arguing it is unconstitutional because it favors Christians over Muslims.

    State Attorney General Bob Ferguson was the first to file a state lawsuit against the action.

    Locally based tech giants Amazon, Microsoft and Expedia have all communicated that the fear is Trump's immigration ban will eventually affect guest worker visas. Those worries have echoed to other tech giants.

    The companies say they rely on foreign tech workers to fill positions here.

    There are about 8,000 tech guest worker visas under the H-1B program in Western Washington.

    Those companies have stated they will be willing to testify in favor of Ferguson's case, and they've communicated, through Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and other channels, that they are exploring their legal options as well.

    The tech companies have also argued they rely on foreign workers to fill positions because of a lack of locally qualified workers.

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