Local federal employees ask for help on eve of Trump speech

VIDEO: Negotiations continue to end partial government shutdown

Whether behind the doors of the federal detention center in Sea-Tac or screening the passengers at a Sea-Tac Airport checkpoint, security and law enforcement officers have been working without pay now for more than two weeks.

Angela Tucker has 16 years’ service and represents her fellow corrections officers in the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1102.

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“Do I put gas in my car, to get to work? Do I pay my child care that’s going to take care of my child so I can get to the job that’s not paying me? Do I purchase my medications? I’m a year out from a cancer survivor, do I purchase my prescription drugs?”

We were allowed to sit on the first few minutes of their meeting with 6th District Democratic Congressman Derek Kilmer, a meeting he requested.

“I think there is near unanimity about the value of making investments in border security, there’s disagreement about whether the best way to do that is using a 5th century technology to solve a 21st century problem,” he said.

The meeting came as President Trump announced that he will visit the border on Thursday and give a prime-time speech tomorrow night.

“I just hope that everyone can come to an agreement and they pass a budget,” Tucker said.

Trump is considering declaring a national emergency and using the military to build the wall.

“I don't think it's the right thing to do, no and I think it will likely face legal pushback if he goes in that direction,” said Kilmer.