Local bikini barista chain is subject of new Amazon Prime Video reality show

PUYALLUP, Wash. — Western Washington is in the spotlight for its revealing innovation on serving coffee. Foxy Lady, a local bikini barista chain, is the subject of a new reality show released this month on Amazon Prime Video.

“We love coffee,” Marley Buckmon, manager of the Foxy Lady Puyallup location, told KIRO 7. “And try to figure out other ideas of how to sell coffee.”

The idea of having women with little clothing sell that coffee is now getting international attention thanks to the Amazon Prime Video reality show, "Foxy Ladies."

The show is about the Foxy Lady coffee chain with 10 locations across Western Washington. It was shot last year and released earlier this month.

“I think it's really cool, I think it's beneficial,” Buckmon said.  “We've had a few (customers) that have been brought in just from watching the show and they've been super excited about it.”

Buckmon started working at Foxy Lady after filming was done and says most of the girls featured have since moved on to new jobs.

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The show highlights some outdoor beauty of the Northwest, but as you’d imagine, the focus is on the drama between the beauties indoors.

“As we all know, sometimes pretty girls come with some drama,” Buckmon said. “We try to avoid it as best we can, but sometimes the funniest stuff happens here.”

The Foxy Lady owners, Paul and Yulia Coates, are featured heavily in the show.  Paul told Jason Rantz, of KTTH Radio, that they're getting positive reactions from people in Italy, India and Canada.

All 12 episodes are available now for Amazon Prime members.