• Leavenworth annexes land for adventure park in mountains



    Locals object to a planned adventure park along a hillside near Leavenworth started an online petition to “Stop the Adventure Park.”

    The petition garnered more than 3,400 signers by Wednesday morning. It’s goal is 5,000 signatures.

    The city has annexed the land where the park is slated to be built. The permitting process is underway and construction is expected to start in the fall. The park could open by June 2019.

    “The adventure park is a small park made up mostly of interactive attractions,” said John Sutherland, project manager for the Leavenworth Adventure Park. “There is an alpine coaster which will be the feature attraction the first year. There will be some climbing activity. And there will be some trampoline, bungee activity for kids, as well as zip line activity for adults. It’s really a family-oriented activity center.”

    The major point of contention is the alpine coaster.

    “We do not need a rollercoaster or a rock wall or anything like this because there is already mountains to climb, rivers to float, and trails to explore,” the petition reads.

    Traffic in Leavenworth

    Critics argue the small town can’t handle more tourists. Traffic is already bad and they don’t want more cars clogging up roads. However, with 2.5 million visitors each year, the problem is already established.

    “This is intended for people that are already coming over there and for the local families in that valley area,” Sutherland said.

    He also argues the park will be an improvement to that small part of town.

    “There’s already old trucks for sale, and a modular home that’s on the site,” Sutherland said. “I believe the site will look a lot better after we manage it. I don’t think it will change the natural beauty at all … we’ll take care of some of the drainage issues on the site.”

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