Lawmakers consider allowing medical marijuana at schools

SEATTLE — Washington lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow parents to administer medical marijuana to their children on school grounds.

The House Committee on Health Care & Wellness considered the bill Tuesday during a public hearing.

HB 1060 reads in part:

  • A school district must permit a student who meets the 9 requirements of RCW 69.51A.220 to consume marijuana for medical purposes on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or while attending a school-sponsored event in accordance with the school district's policy adopted pursuant to this section.
  • Establish protocols for verifying the inclusion of the student in the medical marijuana authorization database.
  • Identify locations on school grounds where medical marijuana may be administered.
  • Prohibit the administration of medical marijuana to a student by smoking or other methods involving inhalation while the student is on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or attending a school sponsored event.
  • It would not be administered in a manner or place which is open to view of the general public.

The bill has bi-partisan support and would ensure children could stay in school.

If the bill passes, the board of directors of each school district would adopt a policy by September 1.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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