Kraken forward Donskoi has jersey raised at hometown skate park he saved

RAAHE, Finland — Seattle Kraken forward Joonas Donskoi is getting some love from his hometown community for a skate park that he helped save.

In 2019, Donskoi made a generous donation that saved the park in his hometown of Raahe, Finland, according to NHL.com.

The community of about 25,000 showed their appreciation with an event on Friday.

Valtteri Karjula, who co-founded the skate park and was a childhood friend of Donskoi when he was an avid skater, organized the event.

It took a few years to make it happen, as the pandemic put Donskoi’s planned trip to Finland in 2020 on hold, NHL.com reported.

Donskoi was in Raahe on Friday, when his jersey was raised to the park’s rafters in front of the community.

He signed autographs and posed for pictures at the event. Karjula shared some pictures on social media.