Everett woman indicted for conflicting grand jury testimony in prosecutor murder case

Federal prosecutors charged an Everett woman with lying to a grand jury about what a ?€œsuspect?€ allegedly told her about the unsolved 2001 assassination of assistant U.S. attorney Tom Wales.

Investigators may be getting closer to solving the 18-year-old murder of a local federal prosecutor.

They've indicted an Everett woman for lying to a grand jury and obstructing justice.

It’s a move that could lead to investigators getting more information about the person who killed Thomas Wales.

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Shawna Reid is accused of lying and obstruction for telling the FBI that a suspect bragged about the murder, then telling a grand jury that she didn't say that to the FBI.

Two independent investigative journalists, who have been digging into the Wales murder mystery for more than two years and have devoted a popular podcast called "Somebody Somewhere" to the case, called the indictment a significant step by the FBI.

Jody Gottlieb, who runs the podcast with former federal prosecutor David Payne, told KIRO 7, "This really gives the public the first evidence that they can see that (the FBI) continues to work this case."

Gottlieb said she hoped the case “would be solved within my lifetime.”

“We continue to push for justice. We push for information, for this case to be solved. That’s our end game,“ Gottlieb said.

Thomas Wales was killed at his Queen Anne home on Oct. 11, 2001.

Investigators have never been able to charge anyone with the crime.

Former U.S. Attorney Mike McKay was a friend and colleague of Wales.

He believes the indictment and the threat of prison time may be leveraged to get Reid to cooperate with prosecutors.

“I think they would dearly like to have her help herself by helping them in their investigation and that is by telling the truth,” McKay said.

Wales is remembered as a local leader of the gun safety movement and a top prosecutor of white-collar crimes.

McKay and former federal prosecutors from around the country have raised $500,000 to add to the reward for information leading to the killer. Now, that reward stands at $1.5 million.

Reid has made a first appearance in court and been released from custody. Her trial is scheduled to begin on Oct. 28.

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