King County sheriff's raid leaves Tukwila man homeless

TUKWILA, Wash. — New details have emergre on a police raid at a Tukwila house described as a "hotbed of criminal activity."

Stephen Allen said says he helped initiate the raid to help save his brother, a convicted drug dealer, but now he, too, has been evicted from the house they shared.

The raid happened in the 5100 block of South 142nd Street in Tukwila. Neighbors complained for months about drug activity at the house.

They watched Friday as Tukwila police assisted King County Sheriff's office deputies in shutting down those activities.

But the raid has left Allen, who lived there for years, homeless.

Allen said he asked the police to come, but "not to take the house."

"Yeah," he said, falling back onto the door. "Not to take the house."

Allen moved into the house to help care for his ailing grandmother, but the locks have been changed, and his beloved cats are inside, without him.

Allen said his grandmother died last year, so he invited his brother, a convicted drug dealer, to move in.

But his brother began inviting his friends to live here, too, and soon the once-pristine yard began filling up with debris and, according to investigators, stolen property.

"So all of this stuff here wasn't here when he moved in?" he was asked.

Tukwila police say the property was rife with criminal activity.

After his grandmother died, Allen says his girlfriend died, too. Now this property is part of his grandparents' estate, and it is tied up in the courts.

"It's all legal but it's wrong," Allen said. "That they can come in here and do this and I can't do anything about it."

Allen said he slept at a Motel 6 Friday night, and he may have to do that again.

He said he an Army veteran, and is hoping the Veterans Administration can help him.