King County executive, community leaders to gather to denounce anti-immigrant flier

Respect Washington letter

BURIEN, Wash. — King County Executive Dow Constantine and community leaders are gathering to denounce what they call an anti-immigrant flier sent to some Burien residents.

About 3,600 Burien residents received a letter on Thursday that included alleged home addresses of undocumented immigrants and described crimes they committed dating back to 2008.

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The four-page letter also includes a map of where alleged "illegal aliens and gang criminals” live, according to the author.

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The letter was sent to residents in Burien who voted to have a proposition included on the ballots of the November 7 elections.

It all surrounds the long-disputed debate of Burien's status as a sanctuary city.

KIRO 7 reporter Patrick Quinn spoke with the sender, Craig Keller with Respect Washington, a statewide group looking to end illegal immigration.

Keller told Quinn on Friday that Burien residents should know where the individuals live.

The King County sheriff has since voiced his outrage on the release of the addresses saying many of them are unsubstantiated and identify individuals who have not been convicted of a crime.

Sheriff John Urquhart told KIRO 7 News that the letters are inciting fear, and that the addresses are unfounded.

"Seeing this letter, all that it implicates, I mean, pointing out even addresses. We're looking at a map. How dangerous can this be? These people, most of them with maybe one or two exceptions, haven't even been convicted yet,” said Urquhart.

Urquhart also raised doubts that some of the alleged individuals may not even still live at the addresses, thus incriminating innocent homeowners.

Over the weekend, Highline Public Schools released a statement against the letter that also includes four candidates that will “save Burien” in the November 7 election.

The four candidates, Debi Wagner, Darla Green, Joel Manning, and Patty Janssen have told KIRO7 that they are not connected to this letter and do not agree with its tactics of listing physical addresses.

Constantine and community leaders will meet at the Burien Town Square at noon to discuss the letter Monday.