Kent man shot while asleep in his home

KENT, Wash. — The Kent Police Department is investigating after a man was shot in the leg early Wednesday morning.

The man, BK Ashford-Coggins, says he was asleep in his home when he woke up to pain in his shin. The pain was from a .45 caliber bullet that entered his bedroom wall during a drive-by shooting.

Ashford-Coggins believes he’s lucky to be alive, calling it “the luckiest night of my life.”

In total, four bullets hit his home. Two shots hit his garage, while one went through his living room window and another through his bedroom wall.

Ashford-Coggins’ son, who was home at the time, was able to call 911. Ashford-Coggins says he’s grateful it was him who was hit instead of his son. He’s also grateful that the bullet did minimal damage to his leg. It broke skin, but the wound didn’t require surgery and only required ibuprofen for the pain.

“It was a life-changing experience for me. I felt death on the doorstep even if it only hit me in the leg,” said Ashford-Coggins.

He says despite calling Washington ‘home’ for more than 52 years, he feels the shooting was a wake-up call for him to move.