Kamala Harris visit highlights importance of Washington primary

VIDEO: Kalama Harris calls for stronger gun safety during her Seattle stop

SEATTLE — When Senator Kamala Harris arrived at Seattle’s Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, the line to see here had already been growing for three hours.

“There's been a lot of candidates and narrowing it down is now critical," said Saroj Corr who was near the head of the line. "I feel I want to see more about what she's extremely passionate about and how she is going to address it."

Karen Corsica was wearing a Kamala Harris t-shirt, “I think she's a really straight forward, honest person and I think seems to be a good leader and I look forward to hearing more about her position on gun safety."

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The audience filled a room that holds about 300 people. They heard Harris promise to cut through the gridlock on gun safety legislation in her first hundred days if elected president.

“I am prepared to take executive action to put in place a comprehensive background check requirement to also require the ATF to take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law and third, by executive action to put a ban on the importation of assault weapons into our country,” she said to cheers from the crowd.

High profile candidates Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren have also had big public events Washington in the last few weeks. In past election cycles, Washington state hasn't gotten so much early attention.

A look at the calendar reveals why: Washington voters will begin receiving their mail-in ballots on February 25th, right after Iowa and New Hampshire. So, candidates who want build on their momentum or break out of a slump must be here weeks in advance of Washington's March 10 primary,

“Washington state is important to me. I intend to come back here again as a candidate for president because I care about the people of this state and the people of this state have shown great leadership on so many issues,” Harris said.

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