Inslee orders hiring freeze, agencies prepare for 15% cuts

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Facing a reduction in projected state revenues of billions due to the coronavirus crisis, Gov. Jay Inslee has issued a directive freezing most hiring and signing of personal services contracts and purchasing of equipment.

The state’s budget office sent a letter to state agencies telling them to find ways to cut 15% from their current budgets.

The directive takes effect May 18.

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It has several exemptions, including for positions and contracts related to public safety, revenue-generating activities or those related to health and welfare activities of state government.

The freeze on equipment purchases does not apply to equipment that costs less than $5,000, is necessary to protect life or public safety and/or is funded by private or federal grants.

“While this is not going to be easy, I ask each agency to use common sense, good judgment and creativity to accomplish the ultimate goal of this directive to capture immediate savings,” Inslee said.

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