Initial results in for King County Council primary as new faces lead the way

August 2023 Primary Results

There are two open positions for the Metropolitan King County Council, District 4 and District 8.

Council District 4

Jeanne Kohl-Welles, current King County councilmember and vice chair, will retire from her position after her term ends this year.

Competing for her open seat are Becka Johnson Poppe, Jorge L. Barón and Sarah Reyneveld.

Of the three candidates, Jorge L. Baron and Nand Sarah Reyneveld are leadin. In third is Becka Johnson Poppe.

  • Becka Johnson Poppe says her priorities as a county councilmember would be the “three Es,” which all intersect: Environment, equity, and economy.
  • Jorge L. Barón’s focus as a county councilmember would be climate justice, public safety, housing, homelessness and transportation.
  • Sarah Reyneveld seeks to create more affordable housing, keep communities safe, meet behavioral health needs for people in crisis, expand access to public transportation, address the climate crisis, and create equity and opportunities for everyone.

Council District 8

After serving on the King County Council for more than 12 years, Joe McDermott is not running for another term.

Competing for his open slot are Teresa Mosqueda, Sofia Aragon and the ever-present GoodSpaceGuy.

Of the three candidates, Teresa Mosqueda and Sofia Aragon are leading and will face off in the November General Election.

Teresa Mosqueda was elected to the Seattle City Council in 2017 and served District 8 for six years and as the council’s budget chair. If elected to the King County Council, she will focus on public health; workforce, supportive, and green housing; and stability for working families.

Sofia Aragon is the current mayor and a councilmember for Burien. Her priorities as a King County councilmember would be neighborhood safety, valuing diversity, equity and inclusion while fighting discrimination; the creation of affordable housing, protecting the environment, taking action on homelessness, public health, and job creation.

GoodSpaceGuy is a perennial candidate in Washington state who describes his occupation as an accountant and chemical plant operator. “With knowledge of Economics, Goodspaceguy has run for public office many, many times and has recommended raising the living standard and decreasing homelessness and building a better safety net,” his voters’ pamphlet statement says.