Increased security patrols at downtown Seattle light rail stations after shooting, stabbing

After a deadly shooting at the Westlake Transit Tunnel and a stabbing at the University of Washington station, Sound Transit officials said they will be increasing patrol at the downtown Seattle stations.

Sound Transit said they have added extra security officers to patrol the tunnels on a continual basis.

To reassure riders, Sound Transit will increase its patrols by 50 percent.

Guards will in uniforms and they are not armed.

Officials said they will make a judgment call about how and when to intervene.

On Friday night, one person was killed and two others were badly hurt. Seattle police said on Monday evening that the suspect who was seen in surveillance video was taken into custody.

On Saturday afternoon, deputies said a man was stabbed in the back by a man he didn't know. The suspect was taken into custody.

“Sound Transit is deeply committed to continue investing in high-quality security and law enforcement programs to ensure our riders are safe and feel safe,” officials said in a release.

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