In Snohomish County, some people busted with drugs will not be charged

A stunning new policy in Snohomish County where anyone now busted with less than two grams of illegal drugs will get to walk scot-free.

The prosecutors office says it simply doesn't have the manpower to combat the growing drug epidemic

Adding that the cases are time-consuming, expensive and do little to stop drug use.

This all comes just a few days after King County announced it recently tossed about 15,000 misdemeanor cases because of a shortage of prosecutors.

Tonight on KIRO 7 at 7, we’re talking to some who are bucking this new trend. 

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With the understanding that the county is overburdened and understaffed, we ride along for a day in the life of an police officer who works in Snohomish County to show how some are trying to get around this latest move.

On KIRO 7 at 7, police also explain why they say it’s important to make sure these crimes don’t go unpunished.