• Hurricane Florence impacting travelers, including those flying in and out of Sea-Tac Airport

    By: Patranya Bhoolsuwan


    SeaTac, Wash. - Hurricane Florence is already having a huge impact on travelers nationwide, including those right here in Western Washington.

    KIRO 7 caught up with passengers who arrived in Seattle on Thursday morning on Delta Flight 2556.

    Many say they probably would not have made it here if they had not been able to catch this flight.

    “Southwest has canceled, United and American had canceled,” said Susan Merrill, who was on the flight with her husband Sherb.

    “We were very lucky. We got the last flight out, somebody said, “ said Sherb Merrill.

    One couple, which has family in Gig Harbor, has a home not far from the coast in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    Their biggest concern now is what they will find when they return and when they can actually get back.

    “We watched the live news station on the flight all the way out and saw what’s happening back there. It’s not good at all,” said Sherb Merrill.

    Alaska canceled four flights to and from Charleston and Raleigh at SeaTac today.

    According to the website FlightAware, there are close to a thousand flight cancellations at airports nationwide ahead of the storm. If you are planning on traveling over the next few days, especially to the Southeast, their advice is to call ahead and check with your airlines and ask if they are willing to waive your fees if you have to change your flights.

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