Humane society provides programs to help low-income pet owners

Humane society provides programs to help low-income pet owners

AUBURN, Wash. — Owning an animal is a big responsibility that comes with added costs.

Local shelters, like the Auburn Valley Humane Society, have programs in place that can help low-income families afford to keep their pets.

“It needs nutrition, it’s got to have healthy food, you’ve got to get shots every year, you got to go to the vet when it needs to,” said Sharon LaVigne, AVHS director of development and community engagement.

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For many of us, there’s not much we wouldn’t do for our four-legged friends.

However, the AVHS knows people can’t always afford unexpected costs.

“If something out of the ordinary comes up, we want to make sure that’s not a deterrent from people keeping their pets. We want pets to stay with people who love them,” said Keely Lanaghan, AVHS special programs coordinator.

The King County shelter offers programs to help owners out.

One of the newest is the Public Veterinary Assistance Fund, which provides up to $500 to help cover vet bills and medical costs. Pet owners must provide proof of income.

The program has been in place for a year and has already helped cover vet costs for 74 pets.

The shelter also offers a low-cost spay and neuter clinic.

“If we can keep those pets with their people, then we don’t have to worry about them coming into the shelter,” said Lanaghan.

To find out more about the Auburn Valley Humane Society and the animals they care for, visit their website.

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