Homeless shelter moving into building in heart of UW's Greek Row

SEATTLE — A homeless shelter recently purchased property in the heart of Greek Row near the UW campus.

ROOTS Young Adult Shelter, which is currently housed in the basement of University Temple Methodist Church, purchased property on 19th Avenue Northeast between 45th Avenue Northeast and 47th Avenue Northeast.

With its current home slated for redevelopment, interim director for the shelter Arthur Padilla said moving in among UW's Greek community is the shelter's only choice.

"I looked everywhere, I mean I tried, I pounded the pavement," Padilla said.

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It took him 16 months to find this U-District house which is ringed by fraternity and sorority houses.

KIRO 7 spoke with some students who had concerns about the shelter, but many were supportive.

"I think it's absolutely wonderful, I heard it's going to be a teen shelter and I think there needs to be more transition housing," said Will Parr, who lives next door.

"I think if the management of the youth shelter is good, they are actively taking care of people coming through their doors, then I think we should have nothing to worry about," UW student Sonia Juarez said.

Padilla said the new shelter could house 45 people and maybe expand to 60. The shelter is hoping to open by April 2020.