Pedestrian struck in hit-and-run says he wants justice

VIDEO: Pedestrian struck in hit-and-run seeks justice

SEATTLE — The driver who slammed a van into a man on a lower Queen Anne sidewalk and then drove away Tuesday, has turned themselves in to Seattle police.

The victim, Miles Partman, wasleft with contusions, a shattered kneecap and several deep gashes that had to be stitched closed.

Gary Horcher reported that the vehicle that hit Partman was a commercial vehicle.

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“I have scrapes and bruises everywhere,” Partman said after being released from the hospital adding, “My theory is that it was intentional, but I don’t know why,” Partman said.

Partman, who has led countless political protests in Seattle under the street name “Mohawk Kuzma” says he’s left to wonder if he was targeted by the driver.

“If (the driver) did it on purpose, or if he accidentally drove down the sidewalk, I deserve to know,” he said. I want them to turn themselves in, I want him to pay for my medical bills and take responsibility for their actions,” Partman said.

According to witnesses, Partman was hit from behind by a van that veered off Western Avenue as it becomes Elliott Avenue, and was driving on the sidewalk next to Elliot Avenue, where Partman had just delivered food to a business.

“I’m walking down the sidewalk, and I turn around and I see something behind me,” said Partman. “Next thing I know there’s a van on the sidewalk at a high rate of speed coming toward me.”

Partman said he had a split-second to turn his head before the van hit him.

“Before I could even move, the van hit me and basically sent me flying," Partman said. “After that, all I saw was sidewalk."

Witnesses told Seattle police the van sped away and disappeared after making a turn onto First Avenue West.

Witnesses described the van as possibly a Ford with a chrome grill, light red in color, possibly with a green and white business logo on the side. Partman believes it is a commercial vehicle.

The van also may have some front end and side mirror damage.

Partman, who makes a living delivering meals for Caviar and Uber Eats, says he wants the driver to know he will not be able to work or earn money for weeks.

“At the end of the day, you need to be held accountable for what you did, and you know it,” he said.