• Searchers find missing hiker's body in Green River


    BLACK DIAMOND, Wash. - Searchers on Friday found the body of a woman who fell into the Green River on Thursday while hiking with friends, officials said.

    The family of the victim identified the woman as Sharmaigne Ann Lumauig.

    Authorities said Lumauig, a 22-year-old nursing student from Kent, was hiking with four others near Black Diamond when she fell into the water at about 7 p.m. The hikers were looking for a view of the Green River Gorge in a treacherous area near where an Everett city council member was killed in a rafting accident last month.

    “Apparently, there were five individuals hiking together, and at some point a 22-year-old girl fell into the river.  Another friend tried to jump in and save her, and he was unsuccessful,” said King County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Cindi West.

    Rescue crews were able to pull the man out but could not find the woman.

    "He was obviously in shock. He was cold, and you could tell that he just was beyond upset about what had happened,” said West.

    Rescuers initially said there was a chance Lumauig could have pulled herself out downriver. 

    Neighbors said the current is strong enough to sweep someone miles away to Auburn very quickly.

    About 50 people from King County fire, search and rescue, the King County sheriff's office and volunteers helped in the search. 

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