Here are some of the best places to play Pokémon Go in Seattle

If you aren’t trying to catch ‘em all yourself, then the chances are high you’ve at least bumped into someone on the street playing Pokémon Go.




The smartphone game – mixing the popular video game and augmented reality – feels like a scavenger hunt as players go out in Seattle to find PokeStops for different Pokémon characters and game items.

But remember to be safe! Always be aware of your surroundings. Here’s requests from local law enforcement on where not to play.  

Pokemon Go players are sharing tips on social media of some of the best locations to play the game around Seattle.

It’s no secret to a Pokemon player that parks are a must-go, but check out these

Players can put a “lure” on PokeStops. A “lure” attracts more Pokemon characters to that location.

Parks tend to have lures in a condensed area, with some overlapping.

A Cal Anderson Park entrance has three PokeStops overlapping, meaning multiple lures can happen at the same time in the same area. At one point on Sunday, nearly 40 people were gathered at the entrance.

On the Seattle Pokemon Go subreddit, one user wrote that three stops also overlap in Martin Luther King Park.

Bellevue Downtown Park also attracted dozens of players over the weekend.

Pokemon players themselves remind fellow players to remain vigilant when playing outside and that many parks are closed after dark.

You can catch rare Pokemon at the waterfront

The Seattle waterfront over the weekend was active for the game.

One player reported on the Pokemon Go Seattle subreddit that he and his girlfriend caught goldeens, psyducks, tentacools and magikarp.

You can keep up with other rare sightings by looking at this user-generated map, which points to where players found certain characters.

Hatch that egg with a walk through Downtown Seattle

Taking a walk could help increase your steps in the game (to warm up those egg incubators, which are based on kilometers walked) while passing by the downtown corridor filled with Pokestops.




And if you make it out of downtown to the Space Needle, you fill find a gym (where trainers go to compete with their Pokemon) at one of Seattle's most well-known icons.

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