Help Jesse Jones eliminate medical debt in western Washington


Jesse Jones and KIRO 7 are working to help eliminate medical debt.

After our original story aired, many viewers reached out to see how they could help. So we created a website where you can donate and help in the effort to get rid of medical debt for people across western Washington. You can now go to, fill out a form and donate as much or as little as you want.

Since KIRO 7 and Jesse believe in full transparency, some things to know. When you use the form to donate, your money goes to the charity, “RIP Medical Debt” which helped KIRO 7 and Jesse buy a million dollars in medical debt for $12,000.

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Your donation will go toward paying off more debt in Washington State. Some of the money will also go toward administrative fees for the charity, including transaction fees and mailings.

Those mailings alert the debtors that their debt has been paid. KIRO 7 and Jesse Jones will not get any money from your donation. If you want more information about the RIP Medical Debt charity, click here.

KIRO 7 and Jesse Jones want to thank you for your generosity.

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