• Gun safety laws at stake in state Senate race

    By: Essex Porter


    If Republican Jinyoung Englund wins the 45th District, then Republicans will retain control of the state Senate.

    Yesterday's massacre at a Texas church will lead to a renewed push for gun control laws in Washington State. One of the first issues confronting Englund will be gun safety legislation.

    “Number one, I am in support of enhanced background checks. I am in support of working together with Second Amendment supporters and the victims of gun violence and gun safety advocates to work together and pass legislation that makes sense,” Englund said.

    But the Republican-controlled Senate did not even allow hearings on gun safety legislation last year.

    Democratic King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Manka Dhingra says that will change if she wins and Democrats take charge.

    “Here we will at least have bills that have a hearing, people will have the opportunity vote and the citizens of the state of Washington will clearly understand where their elected officials fall on these issues.

    The candidates and their allies are spending $9 million on the fight over the last Republican-controlled legislative chamber on the West Coast. Much of it has been spent on negative ads.

    “They're trying to sell this false narrative that just because I have an R behind my name that I must be just what the stereotypical Republican is portrayed as and that's just not true,” said Englund.

    Dhingra said, “The biggest misconception is definitely that I'm the Seattle liberal. I'm not quite sure where they get that from.” Dhingra says she’s been a Redmond soccer mom for the last 22 years.

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