Greenwood neighbors rush to rescue man trapped after crash

SEATTLE, Wash. — A minivan was heading west along Northwest 85th Street approaching Greenwood when it seemed to accelerate, wipe out a metal poll, clip a car, and then crash hard into a tree.

Maximillian Chase and his father Norm where working their security jobs across the street. They were among those who immediately rushed into help.

“Tapped on the window and asked him if he was alright and he was,” Chase said.

They could tell the driver could not walk and was in a special chair to help him drive, so with the damage from crash he was effectively stuck until firefighters arrived.  However, a fire was building in the engine, pumping smoke into the cab.  They smashed the window.

“We were worried about him being trapped inside with the windows closed, and about smoke getting into the cab,” Norm said.

Then someone got a fire extinguisher to dowse the engine. The driver did not want to speak publicly, but told KIRO 7 a malfunction with the way his chair interacted with his minivan prevented him from braking.  He also said he was also grateful for everyone who rushed to his aid.

“It's just really good to see the community jump in and help somebody,” Norm said.  “Something like that happens, you never know, you’ve got to be there for people.”