Green River Killer victim remains subject of Sheriff's Office search in Duvall

King County Sheriff’s detectives searched a wooded area in Duvall on Thursday, Nov. 3, for remains of a Green River killer victim.

KIRO 7 Chopper flew over the area near 140th Street and 286 Avenue Northeast as detectives searched.

Key developments: 
  • Gary Ridgway is the man known as the Green River Killer
  • Murder case dates back to at least the early 1980s
  • Ridgeway confessed to killing 49 women in 2003
  • Victims' families expressed anger when he was moved from a Colorado prison to a Washington prison in 2015
  • On Thursday, detectives searched a wooded area for victim remains. 

Detectives said the area on Thursday was one of many locations that convicted killer Gary Ridgway provided to police during the investigation after his arrest in 2001.

>> VIDEO: Green River Killer Gary Ridgway pleads guilty, 2003 (and 1984 search footage)

Detectives said when time allows, they continue to look at information learned from Ridgway and conduct searches in areas that have not been searched before.




Ridgway, who grew up in King County and is believed to have started his killing spree in 1982 and continued at least into the late 1990s.

After Ridgway's arrest, he was identified as the Green River Killer -- the most prolific American serial killer.

>> PHOTOS: Images from Gary Ridgway confession tapes

He was charged with seven homicides in 2001 and subsequently agreed to confess to every murder he committed in King County and lead investigators to sites where some of his victims' remains were located in exchange for being spared the death penalty. Ridgway led investigators to the remains of four missing women.

Ridgway was convicted of killing 49 women in 2003 but said he likely committed over 71 murders. Many of the women’s bodies have not been found.

Last year, victims' families were angered when Ridgway was moved from a Colorado prison to one in Walla Walla.

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