Grassroots group pushing to make Aurora Avenue safer

SEATTLE — A coalition is pushing to make Aurora Avenue in Seattle safer and possibly give the road a makeover in the process.

The Aurora Reimagined Coalition is a grassroots group looking for comments on how the road can be improved.

Aurora Avenue is SR 99, so technically it’s owned by the state, but Seattle is responsible for managing its part of the road.

The City of Seattle already reduced speed limits on arterial roads, including Aurora Avenue, and even though there have already been improvements, the coalition would like to see more.

Seattle will receive $2 million in state funding for traffic analysis and redesign work, and the group wants to be part of that by getting public input on ways to improve the road.

The coalition has looked at crash statistics, and members of the group have walked certain miles of the avenue, looking for problems like bad sidewalks and dangerous intersections.

The goal is to push the city to make solid improvements.

The hope ultimately is to make Aurora more pedestrian friendly, possibly incorporate bike lanes, and make improvements for public transit.

The coalition’s first envisioning workshop is slated to be held online from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday. Another is scheduled for next week, and others will be held in August.