GRAPHIC: Video shows SUV drag serial carjacking suspect in Kent, police say

KENT, Wash. — It is a video that has now been seen around the world. It shows an SUV dragging a suspected serial carjacker along a busy Kent street just before 7 p.m. last Wednesday night.

"I believe that she saw the man coming from just around the corner and getting dragged by the car," said Sahr Moiwo of Kent. "And then when she saw that, she just started recording the video."

Moiwo says a friend's aunt shot the video. She was sitting in her vehicle, waiting to turn onto South 240th Street, when she saw the man holding onto a moving car.  In the video, even when the car stops, he is still trying to get the driver to get out.

But the driver takes off again with him still holding on.

"I thought that maybe, like, he pissed off his wife or something like that and she was driving off without him.”

Moiwo said at first he didn’t think it was a guy trying to steal a car. "No, no," he said.

In fact, that was just one of several cars the man allegedly tried to steal last Wednesday. Before the car in this video, he tried to steal a car parked in a driveway about two blocks away.  He punched the driver but the driver pushed him with his feet and the would-be thief ran away.

Moments later, he tried to steal the car seen in this viral video. The man never did get a car that night. But what happened to him when he tried to steal one driver's car is now infamous.

Even when the car stopped, the thief tried to steal a taxi cab. But by then, Kent police had arrived.

Eyewitnesses say police used a Taser on him several times to get him to give up.  Police report the suspect also punched other cars, and he was trying to break door handles to get inside vehicles. He was taken to the hospital for treatment after his arrest. Kent Police Department confirms to KIRO 7 News that the man was taken into custody.

Moiwa said he had never posted anything that got this kind of a response.

"Yeah, I've been contacted now by so many different stations," Moiwa said. "Like one from Ireland and one from New York."