Governor seeks federal wildfire assistance, warns to avoid smoke

VIDEO: Governor reports wildfire season the second worst in state history

On Friday Gov. Jay Inslee addressed the growing number of wildfires in Washington.

“The fires we have suffered, just in the last five days—are the most fire in any total year in the history of the state of Washington, except for 2015,” said Gov. Inslee.

The National Guard is working with the Department of Natural Resources, and while the timing is trick, with fires also burning in Oregon and California, the state thinks it has enough resources for this weekend. General Bret Daugherty of the National Guard said he sent another fire crew to Davenport on Friday.

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Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste addressed rumors on social media about the fires being started by far left or far right groups. “We do want to debunk rumors that are appearing here in the state and elsewhere,” said Chief Batiste," We are unaware of any coordinated effort to start fires."

The governor said he is hoping to get the federal designation next week that is required to get the state federal wildfire assistance.

With so much smoke in the air he urged people to stay home and wear masks.