• Good Samaritan helps Bremerton police officer under attack

    By: Natasha Chen


    BREMERTON, Wash. - A man attacked a Bremerton police officer Wednesday in a strip mall parking lot, before a good Samaritan rushed to the officer’s aid.

    On Wednesday, at about 11:30 am, Officer Spencer Bernsten was called to a Jack in the Box on Wheaton Way, where a man had punched a glass window.

    Bernsten said that man, 33-year-old Kenneth Jackey Lane was immediately hostile toward him.

    He said, at first, Lane complied in getting on the ground. But Lane then got up. Bernsten called for another unit, but the message failed to transmit over radio.

    “He wanted to fight from the very beginning. It was ‘Let’s do this. Let’s go.’ That’s all he kept saying,” Bernsten told KIRO 7.

    He tried to deploy his Taser, but the cartridge failed.

    That’s when bystanders began to record the incident on their cell phones. One video shows Lane take a swing at Bernsten and punch his head.

    Soon after, a man came running into view to help.

    The second angle, taken from inside a Petco, shows Lane holding Bernsten in a headlock before the good Samaritan arrives.

    That good Samaritan, Kelly Bounds, said he saw the confrontation: “He jumped up, he swung at the officer two or three times, got into a head hold, and I saw the officer’s face plant in.”

    Bernsten said he got rid of the cartridge and used his Taser to “dry stun” Lane while Lane was on top of him, to no avail.

    Bounds is then seen on the video punching Lane’s head. The video shows Lane then releasing the officer somewhat, to turn his attention to Bounds.

    “He took a swing at me. Of course, I was on my feet still, so I was able to jump out of the way,” Bounds said.

    A second bystander joined in the end, to help Bernsten and Bounds.

    Bounds said that after Lane was subdued, Lane told him he needed help.

    “I want to cry now. It’s painful to see people go through so much pain in life,” Bounds said.

    Lane is a convicted felon, who is a known to those in the area as a transient.

    Bernsten said he has arrested Lane multiple times in the past.

    “[Lane’s] parents called me earlier and wanted to say, ‘We’re sorry. We didn’t raise our boy like that. He’s got some problems.’ And they were glad – ‘You could have shot him. We’re glad you didn’t shoot him,’” Bernsten said.

    Lane was booked on investigation of assault in the third degree and malicious mischief in the third degree. His bail was set at $275,000.

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