Girl tells school about 'bad touching,' babysitter now charged with child rape

A Renton babysitter was arrested and charged with two counts of child rape.

Detectives were told there could be more victims.

Police said Lawrence Grady McWilliams raped two girls he babysat. McWilliams, 27, is also known as Lawrence Brown.

The allegations came to light when the older girl, now 7, learned about the difference between good touching and bad touching at an elementary school assembly.

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The same day as the assembly the girl told her teacher that the man she knew as Uncle Hank had done bad touching on multiple occasions, according to investigators. Police said it’s clear that McWilliams raped the child.

The day that the girl told authorities about the touching, staff called Renton police and McWilliams was later arrested. Police said he also raped another young child who is now 4.

Police and family members of victims applauded the bravery of the girl who came forward – and applauded the work of sexual assault advocates who said this is a perfect example of why parents, teachers, and anyone who works with children should talk with them about the differences between good touching and bad touching.

Here are resources for parents and teachers:

He Told Me Not to Tell: A pioneering booklet for parents talking with young children can be downloaded from our website.. here is the link.

1,000 conversations: Details for parents of children 12 and older on how to have difficult conversations.