Gascoigne Lumber moving to Everett after massive fire

VIDEO: Investigators still searching for suspect in Queen Anne fire

Nearly a month after an arsonist burned down Gascoigne Lumber in Queen Anne, causing a massive four-alarm fire, investigators are still looking for the suspect and they’re asking for your help.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is also involved in the investigation, offering a $15,000 thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

Rubble still covers Gascoigne’s Queen Anne site.

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Dave Gascoigne of Gascoigne Lumber went up on a forklift and took down the signs that bear his namesake from the company’s building Thursday afternoon.

“Alright, good to come down!” he shouted.

The arsonist caused more than $4 million in damage. There’s one surviving warehouse that the company is using to complete what work they can, under battery-operated lights.

“Just trying to make it work,” Gascoigne said.

The company already has plans to move to Everett as soon as possible, to the old Pad and Paper warehouse, but they’re still waiting on answers as to who is behind the crime.

We know that a Seattle Pacific University camera captured a potential suspect in the area shortly before the fire started.

“If they can release the information, we'd like to see it. Because then we can help,” Gascoigne said.

Seattle police say at this point in the investigation they're not able to release the video.

This week, the ATF, which is assisting police, announced it's offering a $15,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. The Arson Alarm Foundation is also offering a reward of up to $10,000, making the total combined pool up to $25,000.

“It’s a larger reward, hopefully it draws more interest from our citizens who look at it, think about it, provide information they might be holding on to,” said Jonathan Blais, a special agent with the ATF Seattle branch.

“And hopefully avert loss of a life or more property in the future,” Blais said.

While investigators continue working, it’s all bustle at Gascoigne too.

“Gascoigne Lumber, new and improved, coming soon!” Gascoigne said.

The company has been at its location in what’s now the Queen Anne neighborhood for about a century.

Some of that heritage, like their signs, will live on.

“Putting them on the new building,” Gascoigne said. “Another hundred years!”

Gascoigne hopes to move into its new location before the end of the year.