Fundraising bike ride will raise money for cancer research at Fred Hutch

VIDEO: Bike ride raises money for cancer research

"Obliteride" is now just one week away. It’s the annual fundraising bike ride where every dollar goes toward cancer research at Fred Hutch.

This year one team named “Jeanette’s Cancer Crushing Crusaders” is finding inspiration from a woman who made history in Washington decades ago.

Jeanette Woldseth was the first professional female firefighter in the state of Washington.

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She passed away earlier this year due to complications from cancer. Before that she raced in Obliteride for four years and helped raise more than $102,000 with her team members toward cancer research.

This year, her friends and fellow team members said Woldseth’s fighting spirit will keep them going.

“We all want a cure and that’s what she wanted and we want to carry that legacy on for her,” said Camari Olson, Bellevue Fire Lieutenant and a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Woldseth first started the team with friend Teresa Lawson, who said this year everyone is inspired to surpass their fundraising goal..

“Our goal was $25,000 and we have blown past it,” said Lawson. “We are at 26,000 and the money is still rolling in."

Another team member, Sunshine Pegues, who is a lung cancer survivor said even up until last year, when Woldseth was getting too sick to ride, she still kept working to raise money.

Pegues will use that memory to keep fighting through the race and in the mission to help Fred Hutch find a cure.

“I need them to make a breakthrough and they need the money to do that,” said Pegues.

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