Former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray makes surprise appearance

SEATTLE — Former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray made a surprise appearance Wednesday at the signing ceremony for a land use measure he had championed while in office.

Current Mayor Tim Burgess signed the ordinance, designed to bring more affordable housing to the Queen Anne neighborhood. It’s part of a citywide program of incentives for developers that Murray created.

Surprised reporters approached Murray to ask how he is spending his days.

“Looking for work, hanging out in the city,” he responded.

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Murray decided to resign after a fifth man, a cousin, accused him of sexual abuse in the 1980s.

Wednesday was the first chance for the public to hear from him since he resigned almost one month ago.

“I know who I am, and I feel really good about the hands that the city is in right now,” Murray said.

Then Mayor Murray was supposed to be at Seattle Center on Sept. 12 to celebrate plans to renovate Key Arena, but he abruptly canceled when the fifth allegation came to light and resigned hours later.

Asked Wednesday if there was anything he was looking forward to, Murray responded, “I’m going to live my life.”

Murray said he will not leave Seattle.

“This is where my husband is," he said. "This is where his 93-year-old father is. This where my friends are.”

As for the allegations, Murray is not talking.

“I made my statements," he said. "I'm not going to continue to repeat it, so thank you all very much. I'm a private citizen.”

Murray has steadfastly maintained his innocence of all the allegations.

The attorney for one of the accusers says his lawsuit against Murray will be reinstated by the first of the year.