Washington state man sentenced in sex trafficking case

VIDEO: Former Everett firefighter jailed in Wyoming

UPDATE: A registered sex offender from Washington state was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after pleading guilty in Wyoming to trafficking girls for sexual activity.

Prosecutors say 63-year-old David Peter Vier picked up the girls, ages 12 and 14, in Seattle in January. They said they wanted a ride to Kansas.

The girls reported Vier groped them, demanded sexual favors and said he was going to have sex with them at a motel in Cheyenne.

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The girls told investigators there was pornography on Vier's cellphone along with messages about kidnapping and rape. They escaped and called for help in the town of Little America in southwestern Wyoming.

KTWO-AM reports the former Everett, Washington firefighter was sentenced Monday in Cheyenne.

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A former Everett firefighter is jailed in Wyoming, charged with two counts each of human trafficking and sexual servitude of a minor.

Prosecutors allege David Peter Vier, 63, drove two girls, ages 12 and 14, from Seattle to Wyoming and stopped along the way to demand sexual contact.

On January 20, when Vier went to rent a motel room at Little America off Interstate 80, investigators say the girls escaped to call 911.

Court papers indicate the girls said they were running away from their mother in Seattle to their grandmother in Kansas when they met Vier in Seattle.

Wyoming investigators plan to search Vier's truck and his phone which they say contained "a vast amount of data pertaining to nonconsensual sexual acts."

Court papers indicate the girls said they were running away from their mother in Seattle to their grandmother in Kansas, who planned to meet them halfway at Little America.

"These were young girls, they were not somebody who were familiar with Vier, so I think the nature of this case points out the hallmark, the danger of sex trafficking," said Daniel Erramouspe, Sweetwater County Attorney.

Court papers indicate Vier first met the girls in a Seattle-area parking lot, took them for sandwiches and pizza and, at an Idaho Walmart, bought them makeup.

Court papers say in Oregon, Vier drove the girls to a heavily wooded area and demanded sexual contact.

Vier was arrested in 2014 in Seattle for arranging to pay for sex with an undercover police officer posing as a 15 year old girl and later pleaded guilty.

A spokesperson for the Washington Department of Corrections wrote "He was never in prison, but was under supervision for one count of Communication with Minor for Immoral Purposes from July 31, 2015, to January 22, 2017."

Vier was the focus of a 2015 KIRO 7 investigation about overbilling in the Everett Fire Department.

This month, the Department of Justice levied a fine over the matter against the city.

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