FORECAST: Rain chances return

Happy Friday!  We have mainly dry weather this morning with cloudy skies and temps in the mid to upper-50s.

The rain so far has been at the coast but will slowly work it's way inland this afternoon for a much wetter second half of the day compared to the 1st half.  I do believe the roads could be a little slippery this evening  because it has been so dry for so long. Temps will be in the low to mid-60s this afternoon.

The rain will move through tonight and tomorrow for more showery weather overall tomorrow. However, I believe we'll see some convergence zone rain form around the Seattle area tomorrow and Sunday.  Also, with a little instability in the atmosphere this weekend, we'll also throw a few afternoon thunderstorms in the mix both days...again mainly around the convergence zone.  All of this info combined means enhanced precipitation, some lightning and even small hail which could be an issue for UW's Graduation.

Rainfall for the weekend will likely be a quarter to half inch at least.

Right now much of next week looks drier and warmer.