Forecast: More heat

Happy Tuesday!  We're starting off warm again with temps in the 50s and 60s. We do have some areas of low clouds/fog at the coast, the southwest interior and into the strait.

  • Still hot... but a couple degrees "cooler" Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Record highs NOT LIKELY through this heat wave
  • Peak of heat likely over Torchlight weekend
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The low clouds will push just enough ocean air/cooler conditions in, that we'll drop a couple of degrees from yesterday's third 90° day.  Highs won't feel noticeably cooler though with temps staying into the upper-80s once again.

We won't change much for the next few days with temps in the upper-80s and even lower-90s again more than likely by Friday.

Interestingly enough, however, we are unlikely to reach even one daily record high through this heat wave as or records are well into the 90s except for Thursday when the record high is 92 (we'll probably fall short).  It's the length of the hot temperatures that will be the story, not the extreme of the temperatures themselves.

I can pretty much guarantee that Torchlight Saturday will be sweaty with highs back in the 90s.  Sunday is likely to be the warmest of this heat wave with mid 90s possible before a cool down next week.

Morning lows will be in the 60s in the Seattle metro area through the week -- mid 60s by next weekend. That means we'll spend most of the night in the 70s in the urban areas, where buildings and pavement absorb more heat energy during the day only to slowly release it overnight.  It will grow increasingly miserable for anyone without air conditioning or sufficient ventilation of hot interiors.

No rain is in sight.

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