First their transport van was stolen. Then their vet's van was crushed in the windstorm.

A Puyallup animal rescue said their vet’s van, used to bring animals home for overnight care, was crushed by a tree during the weekend windstorm.

Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue and Hospital said the crushed van was parked at a home in Pierce County and is no longer driveable. A small trailer was also damaged.

The rescue said it’s now in a tight spot.

Nearly a week ago, Puyallup police said someone stole the nonprofit rescue's transport van in the overnight hours from its shelter on East Main Avenue.

On Sunday, a rescue volunteer said the white stolen van, marked with a decal and often used to pick up animals facing death, had still not been found.

Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue said it's now hoping to raise the money to replace the stolen and crushed vans at a fundraiser next month.

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