Fireworks vandalism suspects caught on camera in Kent

A Kent family woke up Wednesday to a boom in their front yard. They looked out the window and didn't see anything.

It wasn't until Zandria Michaud took the garbage cans to the curb that she noticed plants in her yard had been blown up.

Michaud shared the video with KIRO 7 and posted it on social media hoping someone can identify the vandals.

She filed a police report online. Kent just banned fireworks this year, and the fine is $250. Michaud wants the pair caught for vandalism and setting off the illegal fireworks that looks like it could have been a sparkler bomb.

Neighbors told KIRO-7 it was so loud it shook their windows too.

Michaud was still pulling pieces of wire out of her yard Wednesday afternoon.  She was concerned her yard could have caught fire and spread to the house.

"You can see the branches on the azalea are pretty dry and could have caught fire. Thankfully it's been a little wetter this year than years past," said Zandria Michaud.

Kent Police told KIRO-7 they are reviewing the police report. The crime they would likely be investigating is discharging fireworks in a reckless manner which, if convicted, could carry up to a $5,000 fine or up to a year in jail.

If you recognize the pair in the video, contact the Kent Police Department.

"Who does that? Who goes up to someone's yard and throws a firework in their yard," said Michaud. "I hope they get caught. We have video, we have pictures of them, let's turn them in."