Fire destroys 3 homes, warehouse in Skagit County

A fire destroyed three houses and warehouse in Burlington, early Sunday morning. The fire started just after 2 a.m. in area behind one of the homes. It quickly spread to the houses next door and then to a warehouse.

A resident of one of the homes told KIRO 7 he heard popping and thought someone was breaking into his house. He got up and saw the back of his house was on fire. He was able to wake up his girlfriend and get out safely.

A man at home in the house next door got up to use the restroom and saw it looked like daylight outside, he ran to wake up his girlfriend and mother.

Both of those houses have children who lived in them, but by chance they weren't home when the fire broke out.

The Mount Vernon Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire along with the Burlington Fire Department.

The Red Cross is helping residents with temporary shelter, food and clothing.