Fans celebrate Edgar Martinez's Hall of Fame induction at T-Mobile Park

VIDEO: Seattle Mariner fans celebrate Edgar Martinez induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

SEATTLE — Edgar Martinez delivered a heartfelt thank you to Mariners fans across the country Sunday as he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Many made the trek to Cooperstown, but hundreds flooded T-Mobile Park to watch his induction on the big screen in the same seats they watched him play ball in the past.

Fans old and young stood on their feet in excitement after getting up early to get inside T-Mobile Park.

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One woman who couldn’t be in Cooperstown told KIRO 7 that being at the stadium was the next best thing.

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KIRO 7 got a sense from talking to people waiting in lines and people seated that Edgar’s induction was deserved and well-earned.

His loyalty to Seattle, not lost on the fans, showed through in their support and their loyalty over the years and waiting to see Edgar on the big screen.

Edgar did recognize Seattle fans loyalty in his speech, even crediting those who advocated for him on social media to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He said it was a big reason he was able to stand at the podium Sunday.

One woman said, “We have always been huge Edgar fans and he deserves this.”

Another fan said, “Edgar’s been such a big part of Seattle Mariner history and you know he had the numbers to get in the Hall of Fame. The award’s named after him, it’s just a no brainer.”

Edgar told fans he’s glad he stayed in Seattle until the end of his career.

Fans said the feeling’s mutual.