Family searches for dog, owner after Pomeranian is mauled

Family searches for dog, owner after Pomeranian is mauled

PARKLAND, Wash. — A woman said her Pomeranian was mauled and left for dead by a Pitbull in her Parkland apartment complex Friday.

Around 8:30 p.m., Keri Smith's 15-year-old son took their dog, Foxy, for an evening walk around Monterra Apartments.

He stopped by the dumpster to drop off the trash and, moments later, Foxy was attacked.

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"All of a sudden, he said, a Pitbull jumped out of a vehicle and attacked Foxy and was throwing him around like a stuffed animal," said Smith.

Foxy didn't have a chance.

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Smith said the dog tore open his stomach, bit his chest, and knocked out his tooth.

She described the dog as a greyish-brown Pitbull whose owner was a woman with black hair and possibly blue tips. They were in an older model silver BMW with aftermarket rims.

After the attack, the dog and its owner took off.

"They just let it happen and then they're going to go on with their lives and they don't really think or care about how it's effecting a family," said Smith.

Smith rushed Foxy to the vet, but he had to be put down. He was 12 years old, Smith's companion, and a member of the family.

His ashes now sit above the fireplace next to a heart bearing his name.

"I always pictured Foxy just getting old and going to bed one day and just dying in his sleep peacefully, I never expected this to happen," said Smith.

The family is working with Pierce County Animal Control to try to find out who the owner is.