Family remembers victim in suspected Covington hit-and-run crash

VIDEO: Suspect in deadly Covington hit-and-run faces judge

Michael Russell, 50, was riding his bike when he was hit and left to die.

"It has just been devastating on our family as well as the community of Maple Valley. Michael grew up out in Maple Valley," said his sister Lena Carr.

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Kyle Landry, 31, waited until Friday night to turn himself in to police. He faces a charge of vehicular homicide.

This afternoon Judge Anne Harper ordered Landry held on $200,000 bail.

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Landry waived his appearance in court.

But Russell's sister, nieces and a grandnephew were there for the proceedings.

"I'm not real pleased with the outcome of it. I was hoping that they would do a non-bondable because of the way that he left that situation," said Carr.

Court documents say Landry concealed his car under a blanket at his parent's house for two days before letting his parents call police about the hit-and-run.

"I just think he needs to stay in and let his parents visit him through glass because we're unable to spend our holidays with my brother," Carr said.

The family has suffered tragedy before. Lena said her mother, who was also Russell's mother, was murdered in 1987.

But, she said, Russell, persevered through it.

"He always kept his happy normal self of loving life and loving God and was always there to help people," she said.
A memorial service for Russell will be held Dec. 8 at the Black Diamond Masonic Hall at 32532 Third Avenue in Black Diamond.