Family moves into Port Orchard home, finds out it's contaminated by meth

VIDEO: Military family's dream home contaminated with meth

A military family was forced to move out of their dream home after they discovered it was contaminated with meth.

Katie and Ryan Barnes noticed their 6-year-old son was having respiratory issues after moving into their home.

They thought there was a mold problem, so they had it tested for mold. Tests came back positive and the the mold problem was cleaned and resolved but their son was still having problems.

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The family said the contractor who who cleaned up the mold told them the house had a unique "sweet smell" and suggested to get it tested for chemical contaminates.

After getting it tested, the Barnes learned their home was contaminated with toxic levels of methamphetamine last month.

"There goes all the savings. There goes all the family trips, There's no more Disneyland, there's no more anything fun because all our money is tied up in fixing this house," said Ryan Barnes.

Testing for meth is not required during a home inspection in the state of Washington.

"The person who sold the home said they didn't know," said Katie Barnes. "Every inch of this house needs to be scrubbed or encapsulated."

The family is urging potential homeowners to test their homes for meth.

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