Family in Orting asking for help after house broken into twice

A family in Orting is asking for help to find the thieves who broke into their home not once but twice.

Surveillance video shows a man skulking around Jessieka Nelson's home off Patterson Road on Thursday afternoon.

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”So, this is damaged here,” said Nelson as she showed KIRO 7 where the man used a crowbar to break into her front door.

“It's the worst feeling to come home to knowing that someone was in your home, rummaging through your things, our children's things."

Video shows the man running out of the house with the family's laptop in his hands. He jumps into his car, parked in their driveway, and takes off.

“We had about three years of pictures from our kids, and those are photos we won't ever get back,” Nelson added.

An hour later, the same car returned. This time, a woman could be seen on video jumping out as the car drives off. Less than a minute later, the man runs up. Three minutes later, the pair walks out, the woman now carrying with her a black shoulder bag.

“One of our neighbors had actually caught them,” Nelson added. “They were parked at the bottom of the driveway.”

Nelson said that apparently spooked the thieves into tossing the black bag. If it weren't for that eagle-eyed neighbor, Nelson believes they would have stolen more, including their TV.

“I noticed there was piles of things in each of the rooms of what they were going to load up and take,” Nelson explained.

Nelson doesn't know why her home would be targeted. From Patterson Road, you can't even see the family's house.

So, she posted about it on Facebook. To her surprise, it's been shared at least 10,000 times.

“It's just crazy, the outpour of people that want to help,” Nelson said.

She hopes it will help get the two thieves off the streets and behind bars.