Family fights to keep 10-year-old girl’s unsolved murder banners up

VIDEO: Some say signs to catch Lindsey Baum's murderer need to come down

McCleary, Wash. — Bold red letters and the smiling face of a 10-year-old girl catch people's attention every time they pass by.

The banners are constant reminders that Lindsey Baum’s murder case still hasn’t been solved.

“I don’t understand why everybody is not outraged that there is still a child murderer on the loose,” said Melissa Baum, Lindsey’s mother.

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Melissa has been searching for the person who abducted her little girl more than 11 years ago, but that’s not her only battle. These days, she’s fighting with the City of McCleary to keep the signs up.

“I don’t know how much louder I have to scream that I’m not going anywhere and neither are my banners,” said Melissa.

Melissa said city workers took down the banner at the police department and at the park near Lindsey’s memorial garden; for now, that one is back up.

In a statement to KIRO 7, Mayor Brenda Orffer said:

“Council members have been asked by some if the banner could be removed from the park as it is where children go to play. When it was placed there without approval, we did not immediately remove it because we do want to see justice for Lindsey. When concerns were shared and the request to remove it was made, we attempted to find out who had placed the banner at the park so we could make a plan together. When we could not determine who or what organization had placed it there, council members asked that it be removed in response to concerns that had been shared with them.”

“They can complain all they want, where’s my justice, where’s the outrage for my murdered 10-year-old,” said Melissa.

“We apologize if anyone is offended by the signs, but we’re offended by the fact that there’s still a killer walking the streets that is responsible for murdering Lindsey Baum,” said Angela, a Justice for Lindsey volunteer.

The city may be taking down banners, but others are hanging them up. Volunteers are printing 20 yard banners and 50 campaign signs to put around town.

“If the city doesn’t want to keep them up, then the people of McCleary are going to ensure they stay up until we find Lindsey’s killer,” said Angela.

Melissa said Lindsey deserves to have the banners up.

“My daughter existed, she was real, she played on that playground, she walked those streets, she had a right to be safe. She was stolen, she was murdered and she was dumped like trash. And I’m not going to let them forget that. I’m not going to let anyone forget that until her monsters are behind bars or dead,” said Melissa.

A GoFundMe has been started to raise money to purchase Lindsey Baum banners, lawn signs and fliers.