Seattle Head Tax: See results on exclusive KIRO 7 poll

With all the controversy surrounding the proposed "head tax" in Seattle, KIRO 7 wanted to know how much support there is for the plan.

We teamed up with Strategies 360 to conduct an exclusive scientific poll on the tax and whether you trust the city to properly spend the money it will raise.

Below are the results, which were first shown on KIRO 7 Morning News.

On behalf of KIRO-TV, Strategies 360 conducted a live telephone survey of 400 registered voters in the city of Seattle, WA.

Interviews were conducted May 11-13, 2018.  A combination of landline and mobile phones were called to ensure greater coverage of the population sampled.

The margin of error is ±4.9% at the 95% confidence level.  The margin of error is higher for subsamples in the tables below.

Do you favor or oppose the proposal for a head tax on businesses bringing in more than $20M a year?

If you support a “head tax,” how much should each business pay per full time employee: $500 to raise $75 million, $350 to raise $55 million or $250 to raise $41 million?

In general, how much do you trust the Seattle city government to spend the money raised by a head tax wisely?

Do you believe that people should be allowed to live in tents on sidewalks or in RVs around Seattle?