Everett police give update on mutilated cat investigation

Everett police give update on mutilated cat investigation

Cats found killed in Everett that were thought to have been mutilated by a human were actually killed by other animals, police said Friday.

After receiving complaints about a series of cat mutilations, Everett police worked with Everett Animal Services and consulted a veterinarian.

Initial findings suggested limbs were removed intentionally. The department assigned a detective to examine the cases and to follow-up on tips provided by the public.

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"The case reviews and tips did not lead the detective to believe someone was mutilating cats and a second necropsy was performed on another cat," an Everett police news release read. "The second results showed signs that a predatory animal attack caused the death, with postmortem scavenging of the body. With the new information and review of prior cases, the department does not believe a human is intentionally killing and mutilating cats. There is no indication what type of animal attacked the cats."

Everett Animal Services still recommends keeping cats indoors to protect them from cars, wildlife, disease, and harmful individuals. All pets also should have identification, animal services staff said.

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