Seattle couple still without electricity from recent storm

VIDEO: Seattle couple still without electricity from recent storm

SEATTLE — An elderly Seattle couple says they’ve been without electricity since last weekend’s storms – and it could begin to be life-threatening.

Paul Meyer told KIRO 7’s Rob Munoz on Wednesday that a downed tree that fell on his South Seattle property caused the power outage.

“It’s been now about 80 hours that we’ve been without power and it looks like it’s going to be a while longer,” Meyer said.

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Meyer, who has lived on the South Seattle property for more than three decades, said a tree sitting on city property snapped sometime early Sunday morning. The tree pulled out the power lines carrying power to their home.

The couple called Seattle City Light, figuring it was an easy fix but they were put on hold as the department was waist-deep in 50,000 outages to homes across its service area.

Seattle City Light told KIRO 7 that the masthead, which the property owner is responsible for, on Meyer's property was damaged by the tree and needs to be repaired before they can reconnect power.

Meyere said the city told him to contact a private electrician, and that he has been without his heart monitor for a serious heart condition.

“(The monitor) is powered by electricity. It’s not being monitored now… It hasn’t been monitored since Sunday morning,” Meyer said.

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