Eerie beach discovery turns into search for urn's loved ones

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A woman who found an urn along the Mukilteo Beach is searching for the ashes’ lost loved ones. Dana Smith said she couldn’t just leave it along the shore because she worried someone would tamper with it.

While out for a stroll along Mukilteo Beach, an eerie discovery caught a women’s eye.

It was an urn filled with the ashes of someone’s lost loved one.

Taken aback, Dana Smith said she wasn’t quite sure what to do with the urn at first.

“My feeling is that somebody put it out at sea, and that’s where they planned on putting their family member to rest,” she said. “And the tides were really wicked last weekend, and maybe that’s how it got brought back [into shore].”

>> See photos of the urn here

Smith took it home because she was worried someone would tamper with it, and she’s now trying to find a family.

She believes there are clues to finding out whose ashes are in the urn; three letters and four numbers mark the object, information that could identify the urn’s funeral home.

“I just want to find whose family they are. See if they want to put them back out to sea, or see if they want me to do it,” she said.

Smith posted a photo of the urn to the Snohomish County Crime and Community Facebook group. Facebook group in hopes of getting leads in her search. Hundreds of people commented with tips, but so far, she has received no sound answers.

If an owner doesn’t come forward, Smith told KIRO 7 News that she will contact police.